Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why I'm Obsessed With Heads On The Runway

For decades now, garments have been shown in front of buyers, press, and viewers alike all around the world. In only the past two-three decades makeup and hair have become more and more important as the garments themselves. With accessories applied to the even the body. It has become a staple part of shows everywhere, But why am I so obsessed with them at the moment?

I mean why not? - Right? Hair and face are apart of the look, how about we give them some credit. 

From Givenchy, to Dolce and Gabbana. Putting on a show above the neck is just as important as below it. 
We all love and enjoy the amazing art these designers put on the runway and in stores, but we all have to take a moment of silence to acknowledge the beauty and finesse of all the designers out there taking time to appreciate and actually sweat the "small" stuff. Cheers to hair and face. 

Here are a few of the Hair and Makeup looks on the runways from the past few years..Oh, crazy thing, all of these looks were created with the help of one of the most talented people to walk this planet Pat McGrath(and if you don't know who that is...No, you should - There's no if)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First day of Fall/WhatIWore

As most of you may know(or just those living on the East coast) fall felt as if it were already here about a week ago(Don't even think about it). Rain came with its wrath and went, scarves had to be pulled out from the back of the closet,and the sun didn't come out as much, and if it did the air was still cool and fierce. Everyone started getting into that almost odd mood as if they knew what was coming. You know the one where they pretend that they hate the weather at the moment just right now, but screams whoo-rah! when they hear the word "autumn" or "fall",or when they start pulling out their fall clothes because their just so excited(that was me) .
No need to feel "odd" though, autumn is filled with color changing leaves, that fall ever so slightly at the top of your head. Crisp, sharp cold air. Everything pumpkin flavored, football, haunted houses, costumes, candy corn, thanksgiving, and most of all snow .Although the weather was a bit summer-y yesterday, I definitely enjoyed the first day of fall, here's a few quick pics from my last days of summer.

The weather to start off the new season was surprisingly not cold. I stepped outside to feel the sun shining on my face with a bit of breeze. This is what I wore, because I need clothes to make it in life.

1. H&M leather jacket about $60, I got this jacket about a year ago at h&m for about $60+. I absolutely fell in love. Definitely my go to jacket. The one in the pic isn't quite the style I have, but you can always check the h&m website for updates.

2. Black Midi dress from I bought this dress back in June for my sisters graduation,and this was my second time wearing it. I have the 3/4 sleeve dress(not shown in the pic) but you can get it here. Unfortunately they don't have black at the moment but you can get the long sleeve version with more colors here.

3. My Living Royals hat. This pink "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" hat topped off the outfit. Although(funny story) I wore it inside out,I thought it looked better without the words or fold. NOT BECAUSE IT WAS TUESDAY. I would have worn it the right way,even though I would hear ("But it's Tuesday" all day...that doesn't mean you can't wear the hat ya bunch of yams) Unfortunately the website no longer sells this. If you want a plain pink beanie ,you can buy it here

4.Oh last but sure not least, my favorite shoe at the moment. My all white Converse Chuck Taylor classics which you can get at the website or pretty much any shoe store.

Hope you guys had a great summer while it lasted, see you next fall.. I mean I hope you had a great trip see you next,,,I mean this fa...yeahhhh

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to not be yourself whilst still being yourself

What's better than not being you for a day?....nothing. You should always be yourself, BUT if you ever want to not be. You want to know how?
It's simple,isn't it. Obviously it should be, you're only changing who you've known the longest and who you know best. So again, how hard can it be. Imagine waking up one morning not wanting to put on that same uniform you've been wearing for two years straight (that you didn't want to just abandon because someone said your butt look great in it-once) and having the chance to reinvent your style, Wouldn't you? Prying away your old style from your soul can be hard. That's why I'm here. Nothing should be done all at once. Of course it can be, but in the process of switching up your style, we'll just take it slow.
The first thing you must do is research. Figure out a style you like, and which you would like to achieve. Who do you admire in regards to fashion(If it's someone who already dresses like you do with your "uniform" you might as well stop here. You're going to go through this whole process ending up spending money on the same thing that has been in your closet since high school!. My apologies ,I'm here for you *takes breather*)
Step two, start buying some pieces. Key word: Pieces. Don't go all out and buy a whole outfit that you saw in a magazine because you wanna look like her/him or herm. You want to ...test the waters. Wear that jacket piece you bought with some old jeans, see how it fits. And slowly but surely your wardrobe will build. Another good reason for this step is the people around you. You don't want to automatically change your wardrobe and have your grand mom questioning if it's a phase. "All the kids these days go through phases Eucile!, it's the norm! ." says your granddad.
This post isn't about making you want to be someone else by changing your style, in case you wanted to change it up I'm here to help.
And the last step in this charade, you guessed yourself! Changing your wardrobe doesn't mean you have to change who you are as a person. If you were a jerk a jerk aft..that's not exactly what I'm trying to say but you get the picture. Be your old self,in your new rags.

Enjoy it ,but most of all...Keep the receipts..jking..but srsly guys like 4rl

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Long awaited street style post

I'm not quite sure when or why I started to really pay attention to Street style but, whatever the reason I'm glad I did. Not only have I been wanting to document my own style but I've been wanting to document others. And with out further or do, I've got the chance.... to do one at least.

From overtly furnished trousers to little to no direction with minimal color sweatshirts, to mixed printed suit and ties, NY streets is where you will see just that. Without any inquisition, or thinking to hard you start getting used to it. But this isn't about everyday street fashion in NY oh no no no. This , THIS (needed more emphasis) is about New York Fashion Week.. "Hey dufus! ,isn't that the same thing?!" hm.. Not really ,see during NYFW people from around the world (including NY) attend different fashion shows around the city,(or wherever the tents are) and pretty much "dress to impress",or how many put it(I'm lying no one says this but)-"dress for the camera".
Why do I like this you ask? Well it's a chance to see other peoples view point regarding clothes. What pieces they'll put together. As well as how they do their hair(OMG THE HAIR). It's one big fashion show , except it's on the streets. So from the past week I've seen a lot that of these Street Style images that I like,and a lot that I love. Not all is going to be featured here, but here are some that just caught my eye...

.....oh! and theirs too!
Photo from


Photo from

Photo from

 Denim,denim, denim *Mario bros. theme plays in my head*
Photo via

 Beckerman sisters. Photo from




Although some may argue that NY fashion isn't the same anymore(my dad), I'd have to say maybe so. Yet ,something in my bones is telling me something bigs a stirrin' and in the next few years NY will be back to it's old self,kind of. But for now, continue expressing your style, continue finding your style, and continue to dress up to go to....,well you're in NY ta' hell with it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

ssshh as I faintly whisper "It's Fashion week" into your ear

(I'm so excited I purposely misspelled "IT'S" to prove a point)
But you guys understand my enthusiasm right?! *looks around and giggles nervously* 
New York plus Fashion equals... Go ahead I'll give you a sec.
Nothing..?  If you said any of these: chaos, heart attacks, broken heels, broken dreams, street style posts, even more street style post from people who've never dressed up to go outside before, love, disease, overwhelming sense of eye action from the hot dog stand guy. You'd be correct! Well mostly,at least.
Although fashion week seems to be a bit effortless from our eyes, au contraire. The most spoken phrase I've heard all week was "its not what it seems from the outside" or something like that ,basically all the glitter and rainbows you see from your seats is the complete opposite backstage. I've always had a love for people who build for others, "the behind the scenes people" I call them. Animals that can make the biggest problems just disappear. If you still don't appreciate them at the end of fashion week after witnessing breathtaking shows, you have no place on this island...(as in Manhattan.. or the long one if your show is taking place in Brooklyn(OR edge of Brooklyn also known to people as "OMG I totally went to Brooklyn tonight it's not as bad as it seems")) 

Wait, where was I? oh yea.. Fashion week. It being Day...3? 2? it's 2, I think. Who's to know since they're has been shows since earlier this week. Well, If you're going from the Mercedes Benz Fashion week schedule it's definitely Day 3. It being Day 3 ,I must say I've been highly impressed so far. I mean NYFW is when you bring your A game, so step in the right direction? It has only been a couple of days since the week started and I'm already drafting my "need" list. "ITS NOT A NEED IF ITS NOT A NECESSITY" wrong.. IT IS A NEED IF I NECESSSI-NEED IT.
SN: If I say I need it and it has anything to do with clothes and fashion ,trust me I need it.
Clothes aren't just a "blanket" or those things I have to put on everyday because if I don't everyone would be freaked out. It's way more than that in fact.. Let me let you in on a little secret. There's these people who actually love clothes ,designing ,and styling so much that they go into careers in these fields. Yup, my friends. Its a real thing.

With soft colors,bold blacks, and dynamic prints designers are taking the cake for pulling out all the stops. Tibi, Jason Wu, Richard Chai are just a few designers bringing out the spring fever . Snow whites, teletubbie baby sun yellow ,and riche greens drive through the runway so far. Spring is looking a lot like,well Spring.

Tibi Spring 2015 via

Nicole Miller Spring 2015 via

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2015 via

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2015 RTW via

Alexander Wang Spring 2015 via

Charles Youssef  RTW Spring 2015 via

This week Tadashi Shoji absolutely blew me away pun intended regarding his fabric choice..or was it intended, who cares it was perfection to say the least. Definitely catching my eye with the old time-y lace fabric. Lacey enough to go start pinning wedding ideas to a private wedding board on Pinterest. Not only light and fresh, but gorgeous and spectacular. Took the ole' I'm not a super hero but I'm wearing a cape anyway to a whole other level. And I'm in love.

Here Tadashi Shoji takes a spin on the infamous cape, in this faint yet effervescent liquid gold. Photo courtesy via

Remember that question I asked earlier? You know the New York plus Fashion equals? I never answered it myself, see to me New York plus Fashion equals history. Yes, History. But I'll just leave that for another time...(ahh, get it?)

Friday, June 7, 2013

What I really want..

Lately I've been going into stores and seeing these beautiful black and white designed pants,and just been wanting to pick up everyone of them. This week I actually walked into h&m looking for a specific shirt and kept getting sidetracked by these type of trousers. The ones at h&m were made of a stretch material, and didn't seem too heavy. Perfect for the Spring/Summer time. So getting my hand on one of these pants is my to-do list. These are just a few examples that I also admired and found online.

1.Mono Scratch Grid Jersey Tapered Trousers - These bad boys hail from topshop and cost $56. Now that's a little pricey for my taste for a new pair of pants,but you got to admit...They're gorgeous. 

2.Ikat Harem Pants - This one is $17.80 from Forever21, not too bad. But once you think F21, you just see an average teenage girl in these. I agree to an extent. Yet, if you dress it up to make it look more less teenager-y it can make a difference. A bright crop top anyone? 

3.Soft Tapered Trousers-Another beauty from topshop for $70. Now this one is a little more pricier,and from a designers eyes that's of course because of the fabric. Its very chic, without a doubt. Maybe paired with a neutral blouse and a soft black shoe. Honey... This will go a long way.  

4.Arrowhead Print Satin Trousers - Now I give props to F21, They've been quicker at picking up trends lately. This pant actually looks similar to some I've seen on other sites. But once I see the word "Satin" at Forever21 I get a bit iffy. I have a few satin pieces from them and pretty much all of them ripped the first day...(That's including my graduation dress). But for $19.80, I guess I recommend it. Just don't wear it for more than two hours. psstt...and don't do any splits.

5.ASOS Pants In Diamond Jacquard - Even for $67.88, you can't tell me you are not in love. I mean,this is a masterpiece if I must say. In all seriousness ,If I had the dough..I would let it this. You can tell it would flatter any body type and can be dressed up or down. So why not? Out of all of these pretty pants, this is a yes ma'am in my book. Go see for yourself, go watch the model walk the runway and see if you don't fall madly in love with those diamonds.

At the end of the day, whether it be one of these or one or two of them by h&m. I will be getting my hands on one of these gorgeous trousers. By the way....this is my first post...erghh. Anyway I was born to do this. I hope you enjoy.

                                                                                                                            Until the next post.