Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to not be yourself whilst still being yourself

What's better than not being you for a day?....nothing. You should always be yourself, BUT if you ever want to not be. You want to know how?
It's simple,isn't it. Obviously it should be, you're only changing who you've known the longest and who you know best. So again, how hard can it be. Imagine waking up one morning not wanting to put on that same uniform you've been wearing for two years straight (that you didn't want to just abandon because someone said your butt look great in it-once) and having the chance to reinvent your style, Wouldn't you? Prying away your old style from your soul can be hard. That's why I'm here. Nothing should be done all at once. Of course it can be, but in the process of switching up your style, we'll just take it slow.
The first thing you must do is research. Figure out a style you like, and which you would like to achieve. Who do you admire in regards to fashion(If it's someone who already dresses like you do with your "uniform" you might as well stop here. You're going to go through this whole process ending up spending money on the same thing that has been in your closet since high school!. My apologies ,I'm here for you *takes breather*)
Step two, start buying some pieces. Key word: Pieces. Don't go all out and buy a whole outfit that you saw in a magazine because you wanna look like her/him or herm. You want to ...test the waters. Wear that jacket piece you bought with some old jeans, see how it fits. And slowly but surely your wardrobe will build. Another good reason for this step is the people around you. You don't want to automatically change your wardrobe and have your grand mom questioning if it's a phase. "All the kids these days go through phases Eucile!, it's the norm! ." says your granddad.
This post isn't about making you want to be someone else by changing your style, in case you wanted to change it up I'm here to help.
And the last step in this charade, you guessed yourself! Changing your wardrobe doesn't mean you have to change who you are as a person. If you were a jerk a jerk aft..that's not exactly what I'm trying to say but you get the picture. Be your old self,in your new rags.

Enjoy it ,but most of all...Keep the receipts..jking..but srsly guys like 4rl

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