Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why I'm Obsessed With Heads On The Runway

For decades now, garments have been shown in front of buyers, press, and viewers alike all around the world. In only the past two-three decades makeup and hair have become more and more important as the garments themselves. With accessories applied to the even the body. It has become a staple part of shows everywhere, But why am I so obsessed with them at the moment?

I mean why not? - Right? Hair and face are apart of the look, how about we give them some credit. 

From Givenchy, to Dolce and Gabbana. Putting on a show above the neck is just as important as below it. 
We all love and enjoy the amazing art these designers put on the runway and in stores, but we all have to take a moment of silence to acknowledge the beauty and finesse of all the designers out there taking time to appreciate and actually sweat the "small" stuff. Cheers to hair and face. 

Here are a few of the Hair and Makeup looks on the runways from the past few years..Oh, crazy thing, all of these looks were created with the help of one of the most talented people to walk this planet Pat McGrath(and if you don't know who that is...No, you should - There's no if)

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