Saturday, September 6, 2014

ssshh as I faintly whisper "It's Fashion week" into your ear

(I'm so excited I purposely misspelled "IT'S" to prove a point)
But you guys understand my enthusiasm right?! *looks around and giggles nervously* 
New York plus Fashion equals... Go ahead I'll give you a sec.
Nothing..?  If you said any of these: chaos, heart attacks, broken heels, broken dreams, street style posts, even more street style post from people who've never dressed up to go outside before, love, disease, overwhelming sense of eye action from the hot dog stand guy. You'd be correct! Well mostly,at least.
Although fashion week seems to be a bit effortless from our eyes, au contraire. The most spoken phrase I've heard all week was "its not what it seems from the outside" or something like that ,basically all the glitter and rainbows you see from your seats is the complete opposite backstage. I've always had a love for people who build for others, "the behind the scenes people" I call them. Animals that can make the biggest problems just disappear. If you still don't appreciate them at the end of fashion week after witnessing breathtaking shows, you have no place on this island...(as in Manhattan.. or the long one if your show is taking place in Brooklyn(OR edge of Brooklyn also known to people as "OMG I totally went to Brooklyn tonight it's not as bad as it seems")) 

Wait, where was I? oh yea.. Fashion week. It being Day...3? 2? it's 2, I think. Who's to know since they're has been shows since earlier this week. Well, If you're going from the Mercedes Benz Fashion week schedule it's definitely Day 3. It being Day 3 ,I must say I've been highly impressed so far. I mean NYFW is when you bring your A game, so step in the right direction? It has only been a couple of days since the week started and I'm already drafting my "need" list. "ITS NOT A NEED IF ITS NOT A NECESSITY" wrong.. IT IS A NEED IF I NECESSSI-NEED IT.
SN: If I say I need it and it has anything to do with clothes and fashion ,trust me I need it.
Clothes aren't just a "blanket" or those things I have to put on everyday because if I don't everyone would be freaked out. It's way more than that in fact.. Let me let you in on a little secret. There's these people who actually love clothes ,designing ,and styling so much that they go into careers in these fields. Yup, my friends. Its a real thing.

With soft colors,bold blacks, and dynamic prints designers are taking the cake for pulling out all the stops. Tibi, Jason Wu, Richard Chai are just a few designers bringing out the spring fever . Snow whites, teletubbie baby sun yellow ,and riche greens drive through the runway so far. Spring is looking a lot like,well Spring.

Tibi Spring 2015 via

Nicole Miller Spring 2015 via

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2015 via

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2015 RTW via

Alexander Wang Spring 2015 via

Charles Youssef  RTW Spring 2015 via

This week Tadashi Shoji absolutely blew me away pun intended regarding his fabric choice..or was it intended, who cares it was perfection to say the least. Definitely catching my eye with the old time-y lace fabric. Lacey enough to go start pinning wedding ideas to a private wedding board on Pinterest. Not only light and fresh, but gorgeous and spectacular. Took the ole' I'm not a super hero but I'm wearing a cape anyway to a whole other level. And I'm in love.

Here Tadashi Shoji takes a spin on the infamous cape, in this faint yet effervescent liquid gold. Photo courtesy via

Remember that question I asked earlier? You know the New York plus Fashion equals? I never answered it myself, see to me New York plus Fashion equals history. Yes, History. But I'll just leave that for another time...(ahh, get it?)

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