Friday, June 7, 2013

What I really want..

Lately I've been going into stores and seeing these beautiful black and white designed pants,and just been wanting to pick up everyone of them. This week I actually walked into h&m looking for a specific shirt and kept getting sidetracked by these type of trousers. The ones at h&m were made of a stretch material, and didn't seem too heavy. Perfect for the Spring/Summer time. So getting my hand on one of these pants is my to-do list. These are just a few examples that I also admired and found online.

1.Mono Scratch Grid Jersey Tapered Trousers - These bad boys hail from topshop and cost $56. Now that's a little pricey for my taste for a new pair of pants,but you got to admit...They're gorgeous. 

2.Ikat Harem Pants - This one is $17.80 from Forever21, not too bad. But once you think F21, you just see an average teenage girl in these. I agree to an extent. Yet, if you dress it up to make it look more less teenager-y it can make a difference. A bright crop top anyone? 

3.Soft Tapered Trousers-Another beauty from topshop for $70. Now this one is a little more pricier,and from a designers eyes that's of course because of the fabric. Its very chic, without a doubt. Maybe paired with a neutral blouse and a soft black shoe. Honey... This will go a long way.  

4.Arrowhead Print Satin Trousers - Now I give props to F21, They've been quicker at picking up trends lately. This pant actually looks similar to some I've seen on other sites. But once I see the word "Satin" at Forever21 I get a bit iffy. I have a few satin pieces from them and pretty much all of them ripped the first day...(That's including my graduation dress). But for $19.80, I guess I recommend it. Just don't wear it for more than two hours. psstt...and don't do any splits.

5.ASOS Pants In Diamond Jacquard - Even for $67.88, you can't tell me you are not in love. I mean,this is a masterpiece if I must say. In all seriousness ,If I had the dough..I would let it this. You can tell it would flatter any body type and can be dressed up or down. So why not? Out of all of these pretty pants, this is a yes ma'am in my book. Go see for yourself, go watch the model walk the runway and see if you don't fall madly in love with those diamonds.

At the end of the day, whether it be one of these or one or two of them by h&m. I will be getting my hands on one of these gorgeous trousers. By the way....this is my first post...erghh. Anyway I was born to do this. I hope you enjoy.

                                                                                                                            Until the next post.

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