Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First day of Fall/WhatIWore

As most of you may know(or just those living on the East coast) fall felt as if it were already here about a week ago(Don't even think about it). Rain came with its wrath and went, scarves had to be pulled out from the back of the closet,and the sun didn't come out as much, and if it did the air was still cool and fierce. Everyone started getting into that almost odd mood as if they knew what was coming. You know the one where they pretend that they hate the weather at the moment just right now, but screams whoo-rah! when they hear the word "autumn" or "fall",or when they start pulling out their fall clothes because their just so excited(that was me) .
No need to feel "odd" though, autumn is filled with color changing leaves, that fall ever so slightly at the top of your head. Crisp, sharp cold air. Everything pumpkin flavored, football, haunted houses, costumes, candy corn, thanksgiving, and most of all snow .Although the weather was a bit summer-y yesterday, I definitely enjoyed the first day of fall, here's a few quick pics from my last days of summer.

The weather to start off the new season was surprisingly not cold. I stepped outside to feel the sun shining on my face with a bit of breeze. This is what I wore, because I need clothes to make it in life.

1. H&M leather jacket about $60, I got this jacket about a year ago at h&m for about $60+. I absolutely fell in love. Definitely my go to jacket. The one in the pic isn't quite the style I have, but you can always check the h&m website for updates.

2. Black Midi dress from I bought this dress back in June for my sisters graduation,and this was my second time wearing it. I have the 3/4 sleeve dress(not shown in the pic) but you can get it here. Unfortunately they don't have black at the moment but you can get the long sleeve version with more colors here.

3. My Living Royals hat. This pink "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" hat topped off the outfit. Although(funny story) I wore it inside out,I thought it looked better without the words or fold. NOT BECAUSE IT WAS TUESDAY. I would have worn it the right way,even though I would hear ("But it's Tuesday" all day...that doesn't mean you can't wear the hat ya bunch of yams) Unfortunately the website no longer sells this. If you want a plain pink beanie ,you can buy it here

4.Oh last but sure not least, my favorite shoe at the moment. My all white Converse Chuck Taylor classics which you can get at the website or pretty much any shoe store.

Hope you guys had a great summer while it lasted, see you next fall.. I mean I hope you had a great trip see you next,,,I mean this fa...yeahhhh

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